A Tribute


Thank You to my Dad, Duane W. Cornell,  You inspired me to embark on a life filled with adventure.  You gave me my love for the outdoors and the skills I would use not only in living my life, but to hunt, fish, and be an outdoor enthusiast.  The seeds you planted over 50 years ago have allowed me to harvest an endless crop of experiences.  I LOVE YOU DAD,  thank-you for what you have given me.

Thank You Emil Dean.  You were my first mentor.  Not only did you show me how to improve on the skills I possessed you showed me how to expand my abilities.  You let me try what I believed I could do, you showed me how to do it better, and you always made sure that what I was about to do was what I really wanted to do.  You inspired me to be the best.

To you both, there is a whole lot of you in who I have come to be!