Credentials & Awards

First Mate 1968-1973 for Captain Duane Cornell on board the "PENNY JO".
First Mate 1973-1977 for Captain Emil Dean on board the "MARY E".
Michigan Master Angler Award Chinook Salmon.
U. S. Coast Guard 1978 - 2007.
Advanced to Chief Petty Officer (E7/SK) October 1989
Lateral change in rating from Chief Storekeeper to Chief Yeoman (E7) January 1993
Advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer (E8/YN) September 1993.
Appointed as Chief Warrant Officer (W1PERS) September 30, 1993
Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer Four (PERS4/W4) September 2001.
1st Place Chum Salmon Division, 1987 CG Salmon Derby, Juneau Alaska'
Bassing America Corporation Military Bass Anglers Association Member 1991-2001
#1 points leader Tournament Angler for South Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland/Delaware, and Potomac River Divisions.
Four time Top Five Coast Guard Angler Of The Year award recipient.
MBAA/Team Trail Tournament Director, Bassing America Corporation
Potomac River 1998-2001.
Corrections Officer, Jackson County Detention Center, Holton, KS. 2006 - 2010
Extradition Agent, Security Transport, Topeka, KS 2012
Court Bailiff/Transport Deputy, Manistee County Sheriff’s Office, Manistee, MI 2013 – 2018
Completed Maritime Learning Systems OUPV/6 Passenger for hire course April 7, 2018
Completed U. S. Coast Guard Captain’s License Exam May 9, 2018
Walleye for Warriors Boat Captain June 2018
North American Fishing Club NAHC Life Member.
North American Hunting Club NAFC Trophy Life Member.
Distinguished Member Chief Warrant and Warrant Officers Association, United States Coast Guard.
American Legion Life Member.
National Wild Turkey Federation Member.